Cuckold, Esq.

About 10 years ago, shortly after we were married, I told The Tall Goddess that I wanted her to sleep with other men. She considered it for about 30 seconds, told me yes, and fucked a co-worker two days later during their lunch hour.

multiperv asked: Thanks for the follow. I'm glad you like at least some of my stuff. I see you haven't posted in a while, I hope you and the tall goddess are still having fun and it is just because you are too busy.

Yes - we have been so busy with other things lately.

matured69-deactivated20130701 asked: You are so lucky a beautiful wife to serve and a beautiful big black cock to suck. mmmmmm

Not anymore…but hopefully it will again.

Anonymous asked: And does she still cuck you now?

Its on a temporary hold since we have so much going on right now.

multiperv asked: If you're still around I would appreciate you telling me and/or all your followers more about your boyfriend being the one to present you with your first panties. That might have been something and I'm curious to know if you wife was there, if she knew it was going to happen, what kind they were, everyone's reactions, etc.

Very briefly, I got home from work one night when her boyfriend was over.  My wife and I had discussed crossdressing/feminization etc. in general terms, but we hadn’t really decided anything.

They had already fucked so I met up with them in the kitchen while she was making us dinner (she is an excellent cook).  Usually when I get home I go upstairs to change out of my work clothes (i.e. suits) but after exchanging pleasantries and starting to leave, He told me to wait.  

He pulled a pink gift bag out of his work bag and handed it to me.  My wife walked over to him as I received the bag.  I thought/hoped it might be something like this, but I since nothing was ever decided I didn’t assume that’s what it was, nor was I aware He was involved in the discussions.  

I pulled out the tissue paper and saw very pink boyshorts.  I smiled as I took them out.  He said something like He heard I would like them, while he had his arm around my wife’s waist.  I told him I did as I felt them, and my cock got rock hard.  He told me to go put them on.

I went up and got changed.  They didn’t fit that well mainly because my cock was hard.  But I put them on and came downstairs.  My wife laughed a but but he just stared.  He then gave me a paid of my wife’s heels (we are close to the same shoe size) and a nightie.  I put them on and stood in front of them.

She told me to jerk off for them, so I started doing that, but he quickly stopped me.  He turned me so I was bent over our kitchen island and pushed my panties to the side.  I thought he was going to fuck me - which was way way beyond anything we had ever discussed - but instead he slid a finger in my ass.  Now jerk off he said (that I remember clearly).  I’d like to say he fingered my ass while I jerked off, but realistically I came in about two pumps, so he didn’t get to do much.  

And that’s how I got my first pair of panties.

Anonymous asked: Do you do legal work as a scene friendly lawyer? My Mrs and i would be considering some legal contracts and asset placement

While I have no objections to doing something like that, its not my area of expertise, so I wouldn’t know where to start.